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Monday, November 13, 2006

Have You Done Your Math Before You List Your Item In EBay?

Depending how you see or define eBay, it is definitely a big
trading platform for buyers and sellers. It is more than a flea
market as brand new goods are being sold as well. Whether you
want to make it big in eBay or you just want to get rid of your
old stuffs, there is always a place for you.

If your intention is just to get rid of your old stuffs and your
motive is not to make a living out of it, then the various
administrative fees associated with it may not be a big concern
to you. However, it is good for you to know what these
administration fees are so that you will not get a rude shock
when you receive your final payment at the end of the

However, if you are a serious seller, the various administrative
fees will be a big concern to you. This is because, even though
you did not make a sale after listing, you will still need to
pay the listing fees. Depending on your pricing strategy, the
listing fees vary. It can really add up. If you just list a few
items, the total listing fees might not be substantial, but if
you list a lot of items, the listing fees many be huge.
Remember, you have to pay the listing fees irregardless of
whether you have made a sale.

The important administrative fees that you need to take note are
the listing fees (there are various types), eBay final value
fees and Paypal commission (assuming that you are using Paypal).
You will have to pay all these fees as they are compulsory and
you cannot get away with it. Therefore, it is important that you
take these fees into consideration before you list your item.
This is because, these fees will reduce your profit margin (cash
at hand after shipping and handling and administration fees).
Let us look at the two fees that you have to pay to eBay.

Firstly, it is the listing fees. EBay charge $0.3 for items that
have bidding price start at $0.01 to $0.99 range. It charges
$4.8 for items that having a bidding price starting at $500 and
upwards. There are other fees you may incurred if you choose to
have enhanced features such as, But It Now (BIN), highlighting
texts, featured product, gallery, bolding, gift icon, and
others. We shall not discuss those additional fees here.

The second component to watch out for is the percentage eBay
will deduct from your final value fees. Currently, the deduction
is set at 5.25% of the first $25, 2.75% of the next $975, and
1.5% of the amount over $1,000.

The third component to consider is the commission determined by
Paypal assuming that your payment is via Paypal. You will need
to consider Paypal as one of the payment option as this is one
of the most convenience ways of payment. The payment is
immediate and you can see the money coming into your account as
soon as the winner pays you through Paypal.

Let say you have managed to sell a camera staring at $0.5 and
sells for $500. You will need to pay the following,

Listing fee: $0.3 Final Value Fee: $25 x 5.25% + $475 x 2.75% =
$14.37 Therefore, your net profit is $485.63.

As you can see, the administrative fees have taken up 2.87% of
your final selling price. So, do you still make money with
$485.63. I do not know. It depends on your cost price.

Whatever case may be, the administrative fees cannot be taken
lightly as they play a major part in your overall pricing
strategy. If bottom line is your ultimate concern, then you will
have to take this seriously. Do you math first before you list
your item. The administrative fees can really eat into your
profit margin. If you are new to eBay and you want to sell your
stuffs at eBay, you will need to study into all these
administrative charges carefully and thoroughly. After all, it
is not free to sell on eBay. More information on eBay can be
found at eBay Summary.

(Note: Figures of Listing fees and final value fees percentage
are taken from 'eBay Strategies' by Scot Wingo. Prentice Hall
Author: Rose Mary

About the author:
Rose Mary. Freelance Writer on Various Interest Topics. Discover
more about ebay opportunity at eBaySummaryYou can also get a free ebay auction kit at eBaySummary


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Wholesale Video Games Distributor - Warning

You need to be prepared for the saturation of wholesale video
games distributor phenomena that is going to take place and
start appearing on the Internet in the following weeks when the
Playstation 3 hits the stores in the first weeks of November of
this year. Right now there are many buyers taking advantage of
the eBay craze of selling Playstation 3 consoles at almost three
times the current retail price that is due in launch day.

The price of the Playstation 3 will be $600 for the premium
package- can you believe what will happen when those PS3
consoles hit the market the hungriness that it will leave for
many small based business online? What I am trying to warn you
about is that there will be hundreds if not thousands possible
fake wholesale video games distributors that will try to start
selling PS3 on the Internet at supposed wholesale prices and
even below wholesale prices for such new consoles.

While their will be many wholesale games distributors for the
purchase of video games and even PS3 related material, as a
power seller myself- I will not recommend touching sites that
say that you can get Playstation 3 consoles and games at 50-80%
in wholesale prices for numerous reasons. While you can
certainly buy wholesale games at 40-95% below the market retail
value- you should not be able to purchase legit wholesale PS3
items below wholesale for at least the first 2 years.

If you have study this wholesale market- you can compare what
happened with PS3 biggest competitor. If you understand what
happened here you should know that such giant corporations are
not launching a huge stock of consoles in launching dates for
numerous marketing reasons. If you remember what happened a year
ago with such PS2 and now PS3 competitor, you will know what I
am talking about.

You will certainly know that you cannot buy at 50-95%
Playstation 3 in any way with direct online distributors or
offline distributors or wholesalers. Why? Ask yourself why a
company like Sony will allow the sell of wholesale items on
their upcoming best-seller at wholesale prices? It is virtually
unreasonable to give a seller permit to distribute and sell PS3
at way below retail prices.

How do you think that the fortune 500 retail companies will
profit from this boom? How do you think that all the companies
and CEO owners that hold major stocks at their distribution line
will feel if they do not receive a clear cut commission out of
the sell of in-demand new market consoles if their were
wholesale video games distributors selling below retail prices?
Again, in the sell of wholesale items both online and offline I
can honestly say to you not to look for this wholesale hype
prices that are not true for at least the next 2 years.

It is of my sole experience and full suggested opinion to give
you the no, no when it comes to buying PS3 at supposed real
wholesale prices for at least the first year.A Power seller who
earns thousands selling wholesale in combined business on the
Internet and offline can confirm this for you. Use this article
as reference and never as wholesale video games distributor
legal advice or as a buying guide for online or offline
Author: Joaquin Reveron

About the author:
A Wholesale Video Games Distributor is one of the business components Joaquin offers
in his best selling book. His focus today is on assisting people
create wealth through the Wholesale Games


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Make Money With Online Auctions The Easy Way

I'm sure you've heard that the popularity of online auctions is
going up at a dramatic rate. Current volume of online auction
sales is already in the tens of billions of dollars and this
amount is predicted to rise within the next few years.

The lure of online auctions is due to their convenience for
buyers and sellers alike. They are also easy to use even for
newbie's, with most of it being quite self-explanatory.

Where there is this kind of sales, it doesn't take rocket
science to realize there is money to be made with online
auctions. In fact, selling at online auctions is fast becoming a
great new way to work from home for many. The popularity of
online auctions is prompting hundreds of thousands of users to
take a serious look into eBay as more than a hobby. It just
might make the perfect home business.

Making money with online auctions is actually one of the easiest
home businesses to start, run, and turn a profit with. Even with
a part time effort, selling through online auctions is a great
way to earn extra cash. Overall, the cost it takes to
participate in online auctions is quite little. Online auctions
work for virtually any type of product you can think of from
crafts to art to information products.

The largest of the online auctions is eBay. The best way to
learn more about online auctions such as eBay is to just jump
right in and get started. If you are new to online auctions, you
should first get your feet wet and participate as a bidder. Once
you are familiar with how everything works from a customer's
point of view, you can look into selling.

The power of online auctions is quite real. Once you decide what
to sell, you can do the actual listing of your items on eBay
quickly and easily. One of the best ones for managing your
online auctions is eBay's Turbo Lister. Using Turbo Lister helps
you be efficient and organized and staying organized and on top
of your online auctions is crucial to providing good customer
service. Swift communication and honesty are important qualities
of successful eBay veterans.

From eBay to Yahoo, it's easy to learn how to use online
auctions to increase your sales, or sell exclusively to auctions
profitably. Many are working from home, selling on online
auctions every day. Master the skills and you too can work from
home selling on eBay!
Author: Amber Lowery

About the author:
Not sure what to sell? The webs best dropshippers have hundreds
of thousands of items ready to ship to your customers for you.
Using dropshippers is an easy and profitable way to sell on eBay
fast. Learn more about dropshipping: http://www.buywholesaleinc.info


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Friday, November 10, 2006

Hot As Pancake Items To Sell On Ebay!

Sometime before September, 1995, 28-year-old software developer
Pierre Omidyar, who had previously worked with Claris developing
software for Apple computers, sat down to write the code that
would eventually evolve into what we know as eBay today.

In so many instances, people would always want their food hot:
hot coffee, hot-of-the-grill burgers and steaks etc.

That's why even on eBay people would rather go for those items
that are selling like hot pancakes, so hot that they almost
burn! Learn about http://www.startebayselling.com/ Ebay Selling from
the Pros!

Basically, eBay categorize these items as "hot" whenever it
obtains bids more than 30. Then after, eBay would classify them
as "hot items". There are a lot of items that are already
considered hot on eBay, though; things vary depending on what
category these items fall. So, to know which things are
considered hot items on eBay, here are some of them to give new
customers an idea:

1. Domain names.

Because of the escalating development of the Internet these
days, more and more people are getting "hooked-up" on the Net.
That's why domain names sell like hot cakes on eBay. To-date, a
domain name that has only three letters on it got 109 bids. That
is really a hot number considering the usual number of bids that
go around eBay.

2. Computers and other high-tech gadgets.

Still an information technology aftermath, more people go rage
whenever they see computers, mobile phones, PDAs, laptop or
notebooks, and digital camcorders are being sold on eBay. It
seems that everybody just wants to be wired and hooked-up with
the latest gadgets these days.

3. Jewelries.

And to think that most of the buyers are not just women.
Jewelries especially if it has diamonds in it are so popular and
in-demand. But people must consider when mulling over on this
items - they are just too hot to handle.

4. Books.

Books also are also hot items on eBay these days especially
those that fall on the interest of young adults like the Harry
Potter series, The DaVinci Code, and those that are geared to
give tips and tricks to businessmen and entrepreneurs.

5. Clothes.

Clothes sell hot too, and it's the fad that keep them reaching
the top rank in the hot items category on eBay. And because
brand names do matter nowadays, more people are vying on items
that are branded. Some of these items also include perfumes and
other garments.

These are just a few of the hot items being sold on eBay. This
just goes to show that eBay is, indeed, the best place to get
most from a bargain especially if the items are in-demand on
eBay. If you really do intend to start your very own ebay
business, we do urge you to find out more about how you too can
start your very own successful ebay business from home!

Author: Kars White

About the author:
http://www.startebayselling.com/  Ebay Selling has
never been easier to start! We urge you to come find out more.


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3 Common Problems Ebay Sellers Face

Ebay is the largest online marketplace in the world and there
are approximately 80 million users. Thousands of ebay
transactions take place everyday and it seems you can sell just
about everything under the sun.

If you are new to selling on ebay, you may encounter some
problems with buyers and this article addresses three common
problems ebay sellers face and how to resolve it.

#1. Deadbeat Bidders

Deadbeat bidders are people who bid and won an auction but do
not pay. This happens quite often on ebay according to my own

This usually happens for bidders with low or no feedback. One
way to minimize deadbeat bidders is to allow only bidders with
at least 10 positive feedback or more to bid on your auction.

The other possibility is to leave negative feedback on the
winning bidder although I doubt it is of much use. The other
party feeling sore may decide to damage your feedback reputation
by giving you negative feedback as well.

If you want to recover the listing fees, there is a four step
process ebay sellers can pursue by filing an unpaid item
dispute. If ebay deems it is genuine and to its satisfaction,
you will receive the auction listing credit.

#2. Fake Shipping Services

After winning an auction, the buyer may request for alternate
shipping arrangement or a fake escrow service.

To prevent being duped by such schemes, it is always best to use
a recognized shipping service such as USPS, fedex express etc
especially for international buyers. Ask whether a tracking id
is provided and demand for the shipping company name, address
and url before agreeing to it.

Also, for escrow services, ebay recommends using escrow.com. If
the buyer insists on using other escrow services, my
recommendation is to say sorry to the buyer and that you do not
want to take the risk. Most buyers I've encountered understand

#3. Disagreement of terms of sale

This usually happens because of miscommunication between the
buyer and the seller. As an ebay seller, be sure to list all
terms and conditions on the auction listing. Ask potential
buyers to email you if they have any doubts.

You can also ask a third party service to help. Squaretrade.com
is one of the official dispute resolution service providers

Try not to let it resolve into a credit charge-back affair as it
does no good to your credit rating.

The above are three of the common problems most ebay sellers
face. I would suggest visiting ebay seller education at
http://pages.ebay.com/education/selling.html if you are new to
ebay selling. They explain in depth about how to sell on ebay.

About the author:
Ricky Lim is an ebay powerseller who runs an  http://www.bestnzb.com ebay selling on ebay site.
Visit his site for more http://www.bestnzb.com ebay
selling tips and http://www.bestnzb.com/articles/Ebay-Car-Auctions.html ebay car auctions tips


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What are Price Listing Strategies on Ebay!

For a newbie eBay seller, pricing will be the biggest challenge
as long as she or he doesn't make a few hard sales. Both,
pricing too low or too high are detrimental to your ebay
business as they can soon get you out of business. So what price
is the right price and how will I get the pricing right? I agree
costing is not all it takes to pricing but forms the foundation
although the 'Buy Now' price or the Reserve Price depends
entirely on your judgment of the market mood and fluctuating
demand for the specific item at the given time. This is called
the Price Listing Strategy which we will go through briefly in
this article.

 Costing the Price On eBay

Costing the price simply means adding up various expenses that
you actually incurred till you listed the item up for auction
plus those that you expect to come up later. Take into account
the cost of the product itself, the transportation cost to you,
and also do not for get your time! These are simply referred to
as cost components and some of these are tangible and some are
not. The following is the basic structure of cost estimation for
newbie sellers on eBay.

1.      Your landing cost (Includes purchase cost+ taxes+ packaging+

2.      Holding cost (Includes Rental cost for warehouse/storehouse+
salaries lighting etc)

 3.     Listing cost; Add up eBay costs for each specific action:

a.      insertion fee

b.      final value fee

c.      Buy Now fee (optional)

d.     http://www.startebayselling.com/price_listing/ebay_categori
Listing upgrade fee (optional)

 e.     Sellers tool fee (optional)

4.      Special fees

a.      Ad format fee

b.      Motors fee

c.      Real estate fee

d.      PayPal fee

e.      All special fees are applicable only when the services are
availed. Here the final value fee is replaced by transaction
service fee which payable is due at first bid when there is no
reserve price set, otherwise payable when the reserve price is
met. All the above fees differ only slightly which is available
in the ebay website section

 5.     Marketing cost: Include your AdSense expenses+ promotional
expenses like fliers, news paper ads, telephonic promotions,
travel necessitated by marketing etc.

6.      Shipping, packing, and handling cost: Calculate this before
hand using calculator available at eBay or by availing a rate
chart from USPS or UPS.

7.      Salary: Spread the total salary cost proportionately on all

8.      Interest payable: Divide the entire interest outgo
proportionately on each item.

9.      Insurance: Keep this outside of costing at your discretion.

 Note that above all fees are fixed and the only flexible ones
are your profit margins which you alternate based on judgment,
season, your urgency, salability and the amount you are looking
to make out of the sale. Getting the price calculated as
accurately as possible at the beginning would definitely put you
on a much more secure ground when you are competing prices with
your competitors. If you are selling highly competitive
products, also do look into making money through  http://www.startebayselling.com/loss_leader/loss_leader.htm
Loss Leader products.

Price Listing Strategy
Price Listing Strategy</a> is one of the key strategies
utilized by Ebay Power Sellers. So, what are you waiting for? We
do urge you to find out more about this strategy as it can
really either make or break your ebay business. Remember, anyone
can become a Ebay Power Seller. All you need is the right guide
and a good starting foundation! So, http://www.startebayselling.com/ Start Your Ebay
Business</a> today!

Author: Francis W.Halls

About the author:
One great way of making more money on Ebay is by using a
non-physical inventory and selling it with complex, not simple,
marketing methods and sales/business models. http://www.startebayselling.com/ebay_sell_info/info_product
Ebay Information Product</a> Strategies!


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Selling on EBay

Selling on E-Bay is fun. Most people who own computers or who
know someone who owns a computer know about selling or buying
goods on E-Bay. E-Bay was one of the first online auction sites,
but the concept caught on and soon there were dozens of sites
for selling goods online. The software makes it easy to list
items, to bid on items and to pay for successful bids.

No matter what the business model is--customers understand they
can purchase the item on eBay. Because of its widespread name
recognition and vast choice of products, information, and
services, selling on EBay makes a good choice when determining a
way to get in business for yourself. You don't even have to own
the item to be able to list and sell on EBay. There are many
people who choose to use the concept of drop-shipping. The
seller finds an item which he believes will be a good choice for
selling on EBay. He can arrange to do the listing and sales
management for another person or company who will be responsible
for the packaging and shipping from another location. A
prospective seller with no goods available can also work on a
commission basis for a friend or neighbor who has the items for
sale, but doesn't have the time or the understanding of
computers to actually begin selling on E-Bay.

Another way to begin selling of E-Bay is to obtain resale rights
for an e-book and market the book. Of course, you will want to
choose an e-book on a subject which bidders will be interested

Even if you want to only sell your own products, E-Bay makes it
easy to start small and build your business with gradual steps.
Within the informational part of E-Bay's web pages is a wealth
of instructional, informational and helpful information about
ways to select, promote and sell your product. The software
makes it possible to easily add one or more pictures to help
describe and promote what you are selling. You have the
capability to access descriptive information to assist in
preparing the listing. Links to such things as full book
descriptions based on the entry of the book's ISBN are helpful
to ensure accuracy in descriptions and to save data entry time
as well.

When selling on E-Bay, it's important to remember to conduct
yourself with a professional attitude. Be honest about the items
you are listing for sale, describe them completely, blemishes
and all. Let bidders know how you expect to ship the item and
who pays for extras such as insurance and delivery confirmation.
Finally, treat the item with respect for the shipping process.
You want it to arrive in as good a condition as it was when the
bid was placed.

Author: David Baker

About the author:
Creator of http://www.auctions-here.com the ebay alternative to matching
http://www.auctions-here.com auction buyers with auction sellers


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